Thomas Rowland

Published: Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Thomas Rowland is one of two companies actually based in the Duchy of Cornwall. As part of J.Rowland and Sons, Thomas purchased one of the T.Whitelegg Dodgem sets (DG131) and the run of places in 1975 after they has been stored by Mr Whitelegg for 12 months. The 'run' was as follows Plymouth Central Park, 3 weeks, Penzance Private (it was called this) 1 week, Helston flora 1 week, Bodmin 2 weeks, Truro 1 week, Penzance Corpus Christie 1 week ,up to Plymouth Whitliegh estate 3 weeks, Lipson-vale 3 weeks then the "regattas", Barbican 1 week, Plymouth Hoe 2 weeks, Teignmouth green 1 week, Brixham 1 week, Dartmouth royal regatta 1 week, Bideford 2 weeks, back into Cornwall Fowey 1 week, Summercourt 1 week, Bodmin for "back-end" fair 1 week Tavistock Goose 1 week, Oakhampton 1 week and finally Bampton 1 week and then back to the yard. The set was re-branded as the Atlanta set  "Europe's Finest Dodgems" and travelled throughout the West Country.

In effect this single purchase gave Thomas a machine and a revenue stream, that could then be altered and steered to make his own run of fairs.


Photo Thomas Rowland Dodgems in Bodmin (C) Simon Reed

Photo Thomas Rowland Dodgems in Bodmin (C) Simon Reed

Note the references to "Atlanta" that was actually the brand-name of a Reverchon Dodgem Car: Reverchon being a French company who have produced dodgems and dodgem cars for many years. 

Picture: Thomas Rowland Dodgem Transport 

Photo Thomas Rowland Dodgem Transport.

Picture: Thomas Rowland Dodgem Transport (C) Simon Reed 2006

This historic track built by R.J.Lakin was sold to George Rogers in 2008 and is now owned by Steve Herbert. In it's place a Harry Steer track was purchased also branded as the Atlanta set (DG59) and these are now operated by David Rowland's Daughter and Son-in-law Alan Jenkins.


The Atlanta Dodgem DG59 @ Summercourt (C) Simon Reed 2013




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