Williams Brothers

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Marazion Beach


As a child many of us had our first experience of a fair with a trip to the seaside. Cornwall has never really had seaside amusement parks. There are a few places where showmen open for some of the school holidays, but there was one exception which was the presentation at the back of Marazion beach. 

Just look at the Ark centre being set up with St. Michaels mount in the background.


The Juvenile Jets



The Williams Bros (as their equipment was marked) opened with a small fair that consisted of a Dodgem Track, a Rodeo Ark ( which was constructed by them) and sets of juvenile jets, stalls and swings.

Some of the trailers used when the fair was packed away.


The setup was largely unchanged for over 25 years with Mark Williams selling up around 2004 with the Dodgem track going to Whiteleggs Funfairs Limited and the Ark travelling to Bristol and is now owned by Kevin Gamlin.

Enjoy these pictures that show the rides being built and operated in the 1980's

And....a Scammell the common thread for every West Country Fair.



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