Whiteleggs Funfairs Limited

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Bartle's Amusement Limited/Whitleggs Funfairs Limited.

Bartles Amusements Ltd was registered as a Limited Company in April 1964 by Vivien Bartle who I think was the manager of the Regal Cinema at this time.  The company stayed in existence until 2001 when it changed it's name to Whiteleggs Funfairs Limited.

Image: Whiteleggs Funfairs at Helston in 2006: (C) Simon Reed


Whiteleggs Funfairs Trabant Helston Flora 2002 (c) Mike Bartle 2002

The ride folded into one load with checkerplate floor.


Whiteleggs Funfairs Trabant Ride and transport 2002 (c) Mike Bartle 2002

This picture is of the ERF that was used by them for a small period of time, a truck that was then retired and replaced by one of David Rowland's son's lorrys.


Whitelegg Funfairs ERF at Falmouth Moor. Photo (c) Greg Peters 2002

The company worked throughout 2002 often touring with Phil and Anne Raymond.

The entire business sort of drifted a bit at the end of 2002, but restarted and grew to own a set of Dodgems that was almost permanently on Marizion Beach. Another set of Dodgems that they travelled, juvenile jets and the Trabant was sold onto a couple of Showmen spending longest with Cornish Funfairs, before reappearing in 2007 with the firm.


At the end of 2007 a grasscutter Twist was purchased.

Having built the firm up over several years the operation ceased in 2008 when Mike bartle and family members emigrated to Australia.

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